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The Chia blockchain is a new cryptocurrency technology launched in March of 2021, but not just “another one”. Chia is built from the ground up for the first time since the original Bitcoin blockchain. As a result, Chia incorporates the lessons learned from dealing with cryptocurrency all these years. Such as minimizing energy usage by using free disk space as opposed to free GPU cycles. Allowing anyone to Farm Chia!

Down below are my latest blog posts. The menu at the top right contains site navigation links and Chia Resources. Welcome Aboard!

Latest from the Blog

November 2021 Blog Update

Hello everyone, excuse me for the absence of updates on my blog. I have time again to continue this project. There have been many updates in the Chia environment and I need to catchup. I am still solo farming all of my plots on my Windows machine. My last two rewards were in May andContinue reading “November 2021 Blog Update”

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