How to Move A Chia Farm to Another PC

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You may have been like me, started your Chia Plotting and Farming on the first machine you had available. Then, after some time, you figure that you want another computer to stay on 24/7. How do you do that? Do you need to install Chia all over again and wait for the dreaded Sync that can take hours, if not, days? Its actually really easy to move your farm to another Windows PC. I am unsure if this will work moving to/from Linux or Mac, but continue reading to possibly identify potential time savers.

  1. First, get your second machine setup. Take the time now to reformat the machine with Windows 10 if you want. Install all the Windows updates. Update the BIOS of the machine. Do all the maintenance things so that you don’t have to do it later.
  2. Next, install the chia software. This will create the necessary folders on your secondary machine. Allow it through the firewall when the popup shows up. When it asks if you want to create keys, don’t do anything and shutdown the client. An important note: Make sure that the versions of the Chia Client are the same between the machines before doing the next step.
  3. Shut down the Chia Client on the first machine. Then, copy your Chia Client folder from your first machine to your second machine from this location:

This will copy all of your settings and keys and more importantly the blockchain from the first machine to the second one. This will save a lot of sync time.

4. Once the files are copied over, move the connections of the drives with the plots to the second machine. Then, start the Chia Client on the second machine. There might be some sync time to catch up to the latest block, but it should be minimal.

5. Go to your “Plots” tab and make sure that all of your plots are detected. If not, click the three dots at the top right and make sure all of the folders are configured correctly. Maybe some drive letters have shifted between machines.

That should be it. Your second machine should now be configured to Farm your plots. Remember to check and apply any special network settings that the First machine had such as port forwarding in your router or any VPN configuration you use. A couple of additional notes:

  • Don’t turn on the GUI on the first machine again. If you turn on the GUI, this will activate another “Full Node” on your network and having more than one on the same home network will cause sync issues.
  • You can still generate plots on the first computer, just use PowerShell to do that. I talk about it in this post here

12 thoughts on “How to Move A Chia Farm to Another PC

  1. Hi Alex, I did exactly as you mentioned, but when i start the new machine , it asks me to sign in . my keys are not imported .

    1. Hi Jack, Oh, this must have changed then. You didn’t see a place to click your public key? I will need to check this again and update the post. Thanks!

  2. Can you describe the “Sync Issues” I might encounter having 2 full installs on one network temporarily? Before I foun your blog, I had taken it upon myself to load a new machine, import the keys, and start the sync process, figuring that when it was done, I would just shut down the first machine and move my port forward over to the new machine. Obviously this will be slower than your method, but is there really a downside? I already pointed the new install to the share I have my plots in and the new machine shows them, but obviously isn’t serving them yet since it’s not sync’d.. Am I breaking my config?
    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Hi Steve, if its temporary its no problem. Having both machines up causes sync issues between the nodes and missed signage points. To speed up the new machine, you can copy the blockchain database in the “db” folder of the old machine to the new machine.

  3. Hi. It’s just what I was looking for! I want to move from my main pc with windows 10 to a new optiplex 3080 with Ubuntu 20.04. Will it works?

    1. Hi Manu, Its a little bit more tricky to move from Windows to Ubuntu. At the very least what you can do is install on Ubuntu and import your keys. Once it starts to sync, shut down Chia and move over the Big blockchain database from the windows machine. This will save a LOT of time syncing. Turn the chia client back on and you should be almost synced.

      1. Thanks for the answer! I tried a few times, but the issue I have is that thoses plots are not recognised. The command “chia plots check” shows me a warning message: public farmer key and pool public pool key are not the same…. I’ll try again from scratch and follow your tutorial. Thanks again

      2. I’m all the weekend with that problem, and no way to solve it :-S I’m a bit newbie on that…. Can you explain me a little bit more please? Thanks again ^^

  4. Nice to meet you.
    I moved chia from my old computer to my new computer, referring to your article. Thank you very much.
    However, the new computer did not recognize the XCH obtained from the old computer.
    What should I do?

  5. Thank you very much.
    I waited a few days but it didn’t synchronize.
    The wallet ID was equal.

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