Which Plot Won?

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You Won! Celebration time! Everyone will remember their first win. All that work, all those settings, all worth it. This means that you are correctly farming. A big sigh of relief! On the Farm Tab you see a 2 XCH and now you have a block height that is not zero. Your next question might be, “Which plot won?”. Well, The GUI doesn’t provide this information. It is a little bit cumbersome to figure out, but it can be done and I’ll tell you how in this post.

To find which plot won, we’re going to need information from the blockchain itself. The Chia Client does not have a way to browse the blockchain information on your local machine. Remember the time took to “Sync”? That was Chia Client downloading the entire blockchain to your computer. I believe it is over 1GB in size at this point. To explore the blockchain we’ll have to use the search functionality of the Chia Explorer website.

  1. Go to the Chia Explorer website.
  2. On this webpage, change the search type to “Address“.
  3. Enter you Wallet Receive Address. This is located in the Wallet tab of the Chia Client. Copy and paste the address. Don’t hand type it.
  4. After it searches, you should see your address in green font. Click it to open the details of your wallet.
  5. At the new page, scroll down to see your farmer rewards. Here, you should be able to see the “height” that the reward was obtained. Click on the height number. It doesn’t matter if it was for the 0.25 or 1.75 reward.
  6. Next, Find the value for proof_of_space.plot_public_key. This is the Public Key of your plot.
  7. Now go to the Plot tab in the Chia Client and find the plot with that Public Key.

A handy feature of the Chia Explorer website is that it will tell you your balance. You can do this from your phone instead of having to look at your farm to view your balance. Quite Convenient. With the method above, farmers with a few plots will be able to identify their lucky plot. For the large farmers however, This might be very tedious. I’m currently looking into a CLI method of identifying the plot that will make this easier. If someone knows how to do it already, please post a comment. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Which Plot Won?

  1. Thanks a lot for this insight. Can a plot win twice? Does it make sense to keep it on the HD or can a plot that won be deleted?

    1. Hi Manda! Yes, a plot can win twice. There used to be talk about deleting a plot before back in testnet, but this is no longer the case. K32 plots have 4 billion answers in them. They can produce many answers over 5-10 years.

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