Moving a Windows Chia Farm to a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB

The time has come to move my Chia farm from a Windows desktop PC to another system. (NOTE: Any links here are Amazon affiliated links to help support the website). I chose the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB because I wanted to save more power with the farm. This model is also the minimumContinue reading “Moving a Windows Chia Farm to a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 4GB”

Does RAM Speed affect Plotting Speed on AMD?

It’s only been about two months since MainNet launch on Chia and I feel like there is still much to be discovered with the plotting process. I recently decided to upgrade the RAM on my plotting machine from 32GB (4 DIMMS) to 64GB (2 DIMMS). I’ve learned in the past that when using Big DIMMSContinue reading “Does RAM Speed affect Plotting Speed on AMD?”

RAM information on available K plots

With any new technology, information is king. As proverbial farmers, we need to know the ins and outs of our tools. In our case, the Chia Plotter is our main tool. What’s the best way to plot? What are these other K plots? In this post, I’d like to provide some more exact information onContinue reading “RAM information on available K plots”

How to Make a Cold Wallet in Chia

With transactions live, you may have heard the term “Cold Wallet” mentioned in Chia Forums. This term means having a wallet that is not connected to the internet. If you are farming Chia and you can see your XCH balance in the Chia Client matches the balance on the wallet tab, then you have aContinue reading “How to Make a Cold Wallet in Chia”

Does RAID Zero Help Parallel Plotting in Windows?

As discussed in some of my previous posts, Plotting depends on the three main system components; CPU, RAM, and Temp Space. The best Temp Space hardware right now is the NVMe, with some exceptions. It uses the PCI-E bus to achieve blazing fast speeds. Some Chia Farmers, like myself, are lucky enough to have twoContinue reading “Does RAID Zero Help Parallel Plotting in Windows?”

How Many Plots Can I Make a Day?

There are many different system configurations out there. Many of them are unique in many ways. To be honest with you, the question I get asked the most is “How many plots can I run and what settings should I use.” Usually accompanied with the person’s machine specs. In this post, I will guide youContinue reading “How Many Plots Can I Make a Day?”

How to Create a RAID in Windows

To gamers, a raid usually means you and your friends go and conquer an adventure. In terms of Chia, Raid means that you use drives together to act as one. RAID is an acronym for a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. There are many different types of RAID configurations. These are RAID0, RAID1, RAID10, RAID5Continue reading “How to Create a RAID in Windows”

Benchmarking Different Settings for K32

I took some time to benchmark different plots in order to provide another data point for anyone out there researching what their plotter build should be. My machine specs are listed in the about page. A link to it is at the top right of this post. Below I give just some different configurations IContinue reading “Benchmarking Different Settings for K32”

How to Move A Chia Farm to Another PC

You may have been like me, started your Chia Plotting and Farming on the first machine you had available. Then, after some time, you figure that you want another computer to stay on 24/7. How do you do that? Do you need to install Chia all over again and wait for the dreaded Sync thatContinue reading “How to Move A Chia Farm to Another PC”

Estimated Time to Win Explained

Who knew that this metric could cause so much turmoil. I’ve read many many frustrations from members of the Chia community that they are well past the Estimated Time to Win (ETW) and they have not won any Chia Coin. In one sense, their frustrations are rightly justified. Its justified because this metric is, inContinue reading “Estimated Time to Win Explained”

How to Recover from a Plotter Crash

It will happen at some point. You will leave your plotters plotting, but when you come back, the Chia Client isn’t running or all your PowerShell windows are gone. You feel a bit of anguish when this happens, I know I sure did. There are some clean up steps that you need to perform inContinue reading “How to Recover from a Plotter Crash”

Optimizing Plotters in Windows

For some of the tinkerers and gamers out there, optimization comes with the territory. The feeling that you are squeezing every ounce of performance from a system and leaving nothing on the table is a sweet one. The same can be said for Chia Plotting. It has so many switches and knobs that its almostContinue reading “Optimizing Plotters in Windows”

Syncing Problems on Windows

The Chia network is developed by Bram Cohen, the inventor of BitTorrent. As such, the Chia Client uses a peer-to-peer network to download the blockchain. Recently however, there has been an explosion of new people wanting to farm Chia. This means that the synchronization times of the blockchain is going through the roof. We’re talkingContinue reading “Syncing Problems on Windows”

How to Enable Chia Logs on Windows

The Chia Client comes with its own debug logger, but it isn’t activated by default. There is a configuration value to set in order to activate increased logging capabilities. Doing this is useful because if you ever need to troubleshoot something, you have somewhere to look at. Activating this is very simple. Open the followingContinue reading “How to Enable Chia Logs on Windows”

Plotting on Multiple Windows Computers

“Two hands are better than one.” The same is true when plotting with Chia. You may already have your main PC plotting away and it might be at its limit. You then remember that you have an older PC or laptop that is not doing anything that you can use for plotting also. But howContinue reading “Plotting on Multiple Windows Computers”

Plotting with PowerShell on Windows

Windows PowerShell has developed into a great tool to manage and execute scripts on Windows machines. Its built into every install of Windows 10. In this post, we go into how to run plotters with PowerShell. There are a few advantages to running plotters in PowerShell: Plotting is not tied to the Chia GUI. IfContinue reading “Plotting with PowerShell on Windows”

Quick Start Guide to Farming Chia on Windows

One of the great features of Chia is that you can use it on multiple operating systems such as Windows, macOS and different Linux distributions. This is the quickstart guide for Windows. To begin, go to and download the latest Chia client for windows. The link is located here on their website: Once youContinue reading “Quick Start Guide to Farming Chia on Windows”