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Does RAM Speed affect Plotting Speed on AMD?

It’s only been about two months since MainNet launch on Chia and I feel like there is still much to be discovered with the plotting process. I recently decided to upgrade the RAM on my plotting machine from 32GB (4 DIMMS) to 64GB (2 DIMMS). I’ve learned in the past that when using Big DIMMSContinue reading “Does RAM Speed affect Plotting Speed on AMD?”

Does RAID Zero Help Parallel Plotting in Windows?

As discussed in some of my previous posts, Plotting depends on the three main system components; CPU, RAM, and Temp Space. The best Temp Space hardware right now is the NVMe, with some exceptions. It uses the PCI-E bus to achieve blazing fast speeds. Some Chia Farmers, like myself, are lucky enough to have twoContinue reading “Does RAID Zero Help Parallel Plotting in Windows?”

Which Plot Won?

You Won! Celebration time! Everyone will remember their first win. All that work, all those settings, all worth it. This means that you are correctly farming. A big sigh of relief! On the Farm Tab you see a 2 XCH and now you have a block height that is not zero. Your next question mightContinue reading “Which Plot Won?”


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