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Here are links to great resources to have on your Chia Farming Experience.

  • The Chia Team’s Wiki
    • This Wiki page contains tons of information from the Chia Team themselves. This GitHub page is where they keep all of the open source code to their software. “Open Source” meaning that you can see all the files that make up their Chia Client. They also have additional projects on here for their coding language as well, chialisp.
  • Chia Calculator
    • This tool was developed by someone in the community. It allows to see how much space you can potentially earn by farming Chia. We don’t have a price point yet for XCH, but you can play around with the numbers and sliders to see the response.
  • Chia Decentral
    • This website is created by storage_jm and focuses on the gamer-y aspects of farming Chia Coin. Getting every bit of performance out of your hardware. Hardware recommendations. As well as News in the Chia Space. Overall, lots of useful information here.
  • Chia Plot Plan
    • This tool allows you to maximize the space usage inside a drive. Because plots are 101.4 GiB, there will always be some small gap left in each drive. This tool seeks to minimize that.
  • The Chia Team’s Business Whitepaper
    • For those seeking the punishment of figuring out what the Chia team’s goal is, this is the document. It details a bit about everything, their plans, their expectations. Reading this brought around my trust to the project. What other cryptocoin has a business whitepaper behind it?
  • The Chia Team’s Consensus Document
    • Admittedly I skimmed this document. But if you want to know the actual math behind what the chia blockchain is doing. This is it.
  • The Chia Team’s official Keybase
    • Keybase is another chat application but this uses encryption to prevent user impersonation. Parts of the Chia team are active on here and you can be at the bleeding edge of the current progress. Do note however, there is a wide range of people here. Some who have invested tens of thousands into Chia Hardware and some who have invested none. When someone says “I win 10 XCH a day” this means that they have spent the money and the time. Don’t get discouraged, keep plotting with what you have.
  • Chia Estimated Power Usage
    • Another community driven page that explains how much energy the Chia network will consume in the future. Currently Bitcoin (and others) need the power output of small countries to keep the network up. Chia farming requires a tenth of that. Plotting does use energy, but it is not thrown away as it is with the other cryptocurrencies. Chia writes them to disk.
  • CrystalDiskInfo
    • This nifty tool tells you everything about your SSDs and HDDs. It will also tell you how much life is left on the SSDs.
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